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Sunset In my home town in Beit jala , #Palestine #photobyme 

Sophia Loren. 

Dedicated to every jaded heart in the world ❤️/// via Instagram

"كل شئ زائل و نحن الذين نعطيه قيمته وأهميته .. ثم نتألم ونتعذب من أجل هذه الأهمية المزعومة ."

- مصطفى محمود  (via booksquotations)

Here you go 20 random facts about me . 1. I’m left handed 2. I eat a lot .. I could never say no to food 3. I don’t watch horror movies they scare me to death 4. I always  sleep with my laptop on  usually watching TV or a movie . 5. Binge watching TV shows is my hobby 6. I sleep more than 8 hours at night anything less than that I will be cranky . 7. I am horrible  speller 8. My favourite flower is black Lilly . 9. I only owned white phones. 10. I always have more 6 lipsticks in my bag . 11. I am selfie addict 12. I could drink champagne all day , everyday. 13 . Reading books is my escape . 14. I love classical music 15. I am terrified of flying . Being on plane makes me so nervous . 16. I knew I wanted to be a designer in 6 grade . 17. I only buy one perfume which is Tom ford black Orchid .  18. All my high-school years I had very short hair . 19. I went to university in Cyprus . 20. I own crazy amounts of make up and make up brushs .  I tag @unelibanaiseaparis and @hindash and @nouchaline to do it